Pain Management, Pain Relief and Alphabiotics

Almost everyone you talk to these days is experiencing pain in some form or another. Pain in itself is not bad - in fact it is very useful to your body. Pain is simply communication. Pain is our body's warning sign that something is wrong. Although nobody Pain Relief / Management enjoys pain, it is vital to our health and it is extremely important we listen to our bodies when we experience pain. The only way to correctly react to pain is to discover the root cause of it. Instead of seeking pain management as a temporary escape, we should instead find complete pain relief by eliminating the cause of the pain.


Many modern physicians use drugs or surgery as a first resort to pain management. In the case of drugs, all this usually accomplishes is to numb the pain. Essentially this is simply silencing the communication. Your body knows there is a deeper problem, and even if the communication is silenced, your health will be continuously affected.


As I’ve explained in other pages of this site, stress is an absolute epidemic in our society, and is the cause of most disease and pain in our modern lives. To find true pain relief, the body needs to be placed into a state of continued homeostasis and balance, so that it can begin healing itself. In many cases, the process of Alphabiotic alignments instantly relieves the pain, with many people feeling a profound release of tension and stress.


When Alphabiotics is incorporated into your life as regularly as necessary, your body will have no, or a decreasing need to communicate any type of pain. At first, it may take more frequent alignments to get your body to “hold” it’s balance, but over time your body learns to remain in this place of homeostasis for longer and longer periods. The goal is keeping your body in a state of balance so that the cause of pain is dealt with, and controlled.


As mentioned in the FAQ's section, the pain relief that has been experienced varies from neck pain, upper, mid and lower back pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain, arm pain, knee pain, leg pain, feet pain, migraines and headaches and many more. But simply using Alphabiotics as a “quick fix” every now and then for pain relief or pain management, will not achieve the deep, lasting benefits that could be yours.

Pain Free with Alphabiotics

Those who continue with alignments to remain in balance, even after pain has left, experience deeper life changing benefits. Clarity, increased energy, focus, creativity, congruence, strength, patience, and a greater quality of life, are some of the big picture benefits.


I have however, seen migraines, sciatica, neck pain, knee, arm, leg, stomach pain and a multitude of other ailments instantly relieved by the Alphabiotic alignment. The goal is to keep the cause from returning. As can be expected, some cases are severely chronic and take a bit of time for the body to heal itself. If the body has been in a state of stress and pain for a continued length of time, it may take a bit of time living in balance to correct all problems. The good news is that living in a state of continued alignment, you’ll feel better every day, and be on the path to recovery, and consistent wellness.

Please contact me today, to experience what could be an absolute life-changing experience.
















Alphabiotics was developed by a veteran chiropractor, but is not a chiropractic wellness system. The Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice, Los Angeles is not a chiropractor clinic, nor do we perform chiropractor therapy, or chiropractic pain management or pain relief techniques. Alphabiotics is a unique, holistic preventive wellness system that addresses the root cause of modern ailments, namely stress.
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