Bruce Fulford D.A, C.N, Ph.D, a certified clinical nutritionist, is a naturopath which means he will recommend only safe, natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural remedies to accommodate healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. While his methods may be naturopathic, he bases all recommendations on a deep scientific knowledge of the body. The synergy between Dr. Fulford's Alphabiotics practice and his clinical nutrition expertise, has been referred to by some of his clients as unparalleled by modern allopathic medicine. Dr. Fulford will get your body aligned, balanced and optimally fueled so you will have the energy and focus of your youth again!



CLINICAL NUTRITION can be most simply described as the accurate assessment of a patient's unique body and metabolic makeup with the goal of providing an optimal blend of nutrients while also ridding the body of toxins. This results in astounding increases in energy, focus and mood enhancement. 

THE GUT (SECOND BRAIN): The gut is known as the 'second brain' and affects our daily lives more than most people realize. Using a number of techniques and tests, we are able to determine what diet deficiencies you have, and then design a specific nutrition plan for you, to get the gut back into balance. This customized nutrition plan is used to bring the body back into homeostasis, and the changes in your energy, mood and clarity will amaze you.

SUPER FOODS + LAB TESTS: The use of nutrient-dense super foods, along with vital vitamins and minerals are used to re-balance and sustain a healthy, optimally functioning body. To rid the body of toxins, acidity, pathogens, disease and unwanted fat, the nervous system and gut have to work together for complete balance. Lab tests are used when needed in order to pinpoint where the imbalances lie. Sometimes, however, simply making shifts in diet, whether removing or adding nutrients, can bring about dramatic change. Applied Kinesiology (the science of human movement) is also used to communicate with the nervous system to find weaknesses within specific organ systems.



METABOLIC TYPING: Deciphers your specific metabolism, according to your lifestyle, genetics, etc. 

WEIGHT LOSS GUIDANCE/SUPPORT: Starts with detoxing, strengthening the thyroid and creating a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle and metabolic type. It is not simply about going on a "diet". 

PH BALANCING: Most people's bodies are extremely acidic (due to our modern, often toxic diet) which creates inflammation, weight gain, low energy and disease. In fact, cancer only thrives in an acidic environment. A ph level of 7.4 is vital for overall health. Saliva testing in the office give us an immediate result of your levels and is a starting point to design a nutrition plan to bring your blood back to a level of sound alkalinity.

ALLERGENS: One of the least known causes of modern ailments. Lab tests help us to pinpoint your allergies and whether it is gluten, soy, dairy or a number of other common allergies, we can start you on an elimination diet to rid your system of the symptoms caused by the allergens. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are also used to heal the gut and jump start your digestive systems.

SPORTS NUTRITION + RECOVERY: Building muscle by lifting weights and neglecting nutrition is like building a house on a cracked foundation. We will customize a plan to get you the most from your workouts, and building fat-burning muscle faster. Post-workout recovery is vital for a toned body, and supplements are used to push your body to the next level.

NEUROTRANSMITTER/HORMONE BALANCING: With all the stressors we are exposed to these days it's not surprising that we see an imbalance in most patient's hormones. By doing a six-step lab test, we can pinpoint exactly which neurotransmitter is out of balance. From there we can balance the hormones naturally using bio-identical plant based hormones. These are the exact molecular structure that your own body puts out.




ADRENAL STRESS INDEX: Comprehensive profile of how well your adrenals respond to stress.

       Cortisol to evaluate the stress response
       Insulin for blood sugar
       DHEA to determine how you adapt to stress
       Iga for immune function

FEMALE HORMONE PROFILE: An imbalance in these hormones can cause a number of health issues like sleeplessness, irritability, PMS, migraines, low libido, depression.

      *  Estrogen
      *  Progesterone
      * Testosterone
      * DHEA

MALE HORMONE PROFILE: An imbalance in these hormones can cause a number of health issues like sleeplessness, exhaustion, irritability, aggression, low libido/erectile dysfunction, depression, pre-mature balding and a decrease in muscle mass.

       * Testosterone
       * Progesterone
       * Androstenedione
       * DHEA
       * Estrone
      * DHT