Alphabiotics is the most powerful, instant stress-relief process in medicine. Conclusive scientific research is revealing astounding connections between stress, disease and pain in our modern age, and what has been known to alphabioticists for over half a century, is finally being lauded by science. Alphabiotics can be described as a hands-on process, which instantly sends high sensory input into the nervous system, which in turn has a fascinating effect on your body.

HISTORY: The primary concepts of a revolutionary stress management and pain relief system were conceived in the early 1920’s by Dr. Virgil Chrane’s father. Dr. Chrane followed in his father’s footsteps and subsequently became a pioneer in the art of stress-relief, and preventive wellness in the 1950’s. Dr. Chrane even pioneered Health Radio. Eventually, father and son began refining a practical, hands-on process that would transcend the boundaries of modern medicine, while being rooted in sound, scientific research. For sixteen years they worked together on what they had come to call the “Better Idea” – the beginning of alphabiotics. Seven years after his father's death in the early 1960s, Dr. Chrane was ready to present a thoroughly tested, physics-based and non-chemical “ultimate” health system to the world. In 1971, Alphabiotics was born.

HOW IT WORKS: Every day your body faces several kinds of intense stress, that you are likely unaware of. Unrelieved stress causes your brain to “lateralize”, meaning that the dominant hemisphere of your brain (right or left) begins seizing control, trying to work harder (not smarter) and attempting to operate entirely from its perceived area of singular strength. As you can imagine, just like a car running on half of its cylinders, the brain functions at a lower level. We've all heard of the term 'Fight or Flight' but it is has only been recognized as a real health danger for a relatively short amount of time - and it is directly related to the lateralization of your brain. When you become stressed, your body instantly locks into “Fight or Flight” mode, and because of the dominance of one of your brain’s hemispheres, one side of the body becomes overly tense and over time distorts. The opposite side naturally becomes overly passive, and weakens. 

The result in time is an unbalanced skeletal system that has grave effects on your muscles, nerves and organs. In fact, most people are walking around with one leg shorter than the other and their hips contracted and rotated (one forward, and/or higher than the other.) This is true of the shoulders too and as you can imagine, it puts an immense amount of pressure on the spine, not to mention the knee and foot that is bearing more weight. What is even more dangerous is that this imbalance affects your body down to the cellular level. In this state, your oxygenated blood is sent to the extremities of your limbs in a futile effort to correct, and operate inefficiently aligned limbs. This nutrient-rich blood should instead, be channeled to the vital organs in your core, close to your heart, operating as your body was designed – for efficiency. 

As a result of this dispersion of your blood, you become less able to think clearly, make sound decisions, and you simply lack energy to get through the stressful day ahead. Your health rapidly spirals downward and the stress compounds causing pain and disease, and that pain and disease in turn causes more stress. Back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, stomach pain - all pain is caused by some form of stress. It's an ugly cycle that we are not naturally equipped to deal with, in this day and age.

TREATMENT: This dangerous imbalance is easily tested and corrected through alphabiotic alignments. What the ultra-safe process of alignment does, in simple terms, is reboot the brain. This immediate result causes both hemispheres of the brain to become instantly balanced, and the stress of lateralization is released. In turn,the brain quickly gets to work balancing the body, and releasing stress. Many people feel this release in a profound way.

HOW WE EXPECT YOU WILL FEEL: When your brain “reboots” it returns to what we call “whole brain function.” It does a systems check allowing your body to do the job it was designed to do - heal itself! After the alignment your weakness immediately turns to strength, your tension disappears, and you are able to think more clearly and have more energy. We never tire of the thrill people experience as they instantly feel debilitating stress simply disappear. They’ll make all sorts of comments trying to explain how “different, but great” they feel. It takes a little while to get used to feeling normal and in balance again!

THE PROCESS: The Alphabiotic alignment process is entirely safe, and has been performed millions of times around the world, without negative consequences. The process involves a unique, wholly lateral movement of the head, which sends high-sensory input to the brain. This causes the brain to release stress, and do a systems-check of the nervous and muscle systems. When this occurs, the body receives a massive supply of previously misdirected energy, and homeostasis is restored. There is no poking, prodding or uncomfortable stretching involved. We never, under any circumstance, twist the neck to relieve compression. Most people find the Alphabiotic alignment to be a relaxing experience and look forward to the immediate, euphoric energy boost they receive. In fact, alignments are given to sleeping babies, without even waking themAlphabiotic researchers have done hundreds of pre and post alignment brain studies, including electroencephalographic scans, electromyographic scans, temperature measurements, heart-rate measurements, skin resistance rates, thermographic scans, bioplasmic counts, cellular oxygenation counts, arterial-pressure measurements and respiratory activity measurements. All conclusively reveal only positive, safe results.

As an Alphabioticist what Dr. Fulford does through a simple but sophisticated technique, is to reset the communication breakdown between the hemispheres of the brain, nervous system and the rest of the body. Your body does the rest. It literally begins healing itself the moment it is aligned. The good news is that you are reading about a life changing process that will not only help you cope but make you thrive when you feel better, look better and be better in every way.