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Probiotics, and their relationship with Digestion, IBS and Constipation.

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Are you suffering from IBS, constipation or any other digestion related problems?

Is it really possible to eliminate digestion challenges and IBS? The answer can often be as simple as a b2ap3_thumbnail_Paleo-Digestion.jpggood probiotic. Most people have heard of probiotics by now, but not a lot of us understand what they do, and how vital they are for a healthy gut.

Probiotics help to sustain 'good bacteria' within our gut flora. Processed foods are destroying this good bacteria, and this wreaks havoc on our ability to properly digest food, and have regular bowel movements. An imbalance in gut flora first leads to IBS and constipation, and then potentially much more. Bad bacteria in our stomach can affect everything from our appearance, to our immune system, to even our mood. New studies are showing that if your gut flora is out of balance, then the rest of the body is affected. This imbalance can even lead to dehydrated skin, (which makes you more prone to acne) a weaker immune system, to mood changes, anxiety, and depression-type behavior.

So the big question is: How do you get your gut bacteria back on track?

The answer might be as simple as taking probiotics. Certain strains of probiotics can rebalance your gut bacteria and improve your digestion. The question is; which one do you use?

The truth of the matter is, not all probiotics are created equally. Due to differences in the manufacturing and storage of probiotics, there are several issues that can arise which affect their quality:

- Probiotics can be shipped and stored poorly, leading to cultures being dead by the time they're consumed.

- Products can be misleading in their labeling, claiming way more colony-forming units (CFUs) than what's actually in the capsules.

- They only have one or two probiotic strains inside, limiting their effectiveness considerably.

- They don't contain nearly enough CFUs to make a difference.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the two main types of probiotic bacteria. Lactobacilli reside in the small intestine, while bifidobactiria are active in the colon. Probiotics are identified by genus, species, and strain. Here are some common probiotic species and strains that may be found in food or supplements and what their role is within your gut:


Most probiotic strains belong to the genus Lactobacillus. Probiotics have been evaluated in research studies in animals and humans with respect to antibiotic-associated diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, IBS.

- L. acidophilus (a strain of Lactobacillus) is used in the production of yogurt. Its purpose in yogurt is to decrease pH of the milk used to create yogurt. Since L. acidophilus can survive pH levels of four to five or below, it can pass through the acidic environment of the stomach into the small intestine and work its magic in keeping intestines clean and boosting the immune system.

- L. reuteri is often used as a dietary supplement as it boosts the immune system and simultaneously attacks foreign pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract.

- L. rhamnosus GG is also used in the production of yogurt as well as in some other dairy products. It inhibits pathogen growth in the urogenital tract, inhibits diarrhea from the rotavirus, has even shown to reduce anxiety in lab mice.

- Lactobacillus casei produces a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme known as amylase, which is essentially the beginning process of digestion for all foods. Without amylase, food could literally pass right through you.


- Bifidobacterium lactis is known to prevent diarrhea, reduce colon inflammation, and provide relief from constipation. Bifidobacterium animalisshortens colonic transit time, that is, how long it takes forb2ap3_thumbnail_Bifidobacterium-lactis.jpg a meal to be digested and eliminated by the body through a bowel movement. Bifidobacterium animalis also plays a role in processing B-complex vitamins.

Look for a multi-strain to cover all your bases. Probiotics come in the form of capsules, powder and liquid (or tincture) form. Liquid form seems to be the best option when it comes to these live organisms and it allows the probiotics to be distributed along the digestive tract.

Alternatively, contact us and take the guessing game out of the equation.


It is the responsibility of us all to spread the truth, and to educate about true wellness. If you feel like you have learned anything at all from this article, I urge you to please post it on your social media feeds, and e-mail it to friends and loved one's, so that you can be a part of the perception that true health starts with nature.

At the Alphabiotic Balance Center we deal with cause correction, and preventive wellness. Bruce Fulford D.A, CN, Ph.D, uses Alphabiotic alignments to keep the brain and body in balance, as well as clinical nutrition for dis-ease, hormone and pH balancing, weight challenges and most other health issues.

Please visit www.AlphabioticBalance.com to find out more. We have offices in Venice, CA and Hollywood, CA. Bruce also travels internationally with professional athletes and has a passion for injury prevention.

Thanks for reading :)

'Bruce at the Alphabiotic Balance Center has helped me immeasurably! I am a professional trainer as well as soccer player. When I started  with Bruce everything hurt! The life of a pro athlete had taken its toll. Chronic neck pain, athritis from injuries, and an acute case of plantar faschiitis all but vanished within a handful of visits. Bruce is professional, responsible, compassionate, and caring. Logo
Conventional medicine can never compare to the miraculous ability the human body has to heal itself. Bruce can help your body heal itself.


Thanks for sharing your gift Bruce!'


If you enjoyed this article please give us 5 stars and write a short review.

If you enjoyed this article please gives us 5 stars and write a short review. - See more at: http://alphabioticbalance.com/index.php/Blog/uncategorized/natural-ways-to-counter-add-and-adhd.html#sthash.kDSqmihA.dpuf
If you enjoyed this article please gives us 5 stars and write a short review. - See more at: http://alphabioticbalance.com/index.php/Blog/uncategorized/natural-ways-to-counter-add-and-adhd.html#sthash.kDSqmihA.dpuf

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