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Natural ways to counter ADD and ADHD.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Are you risking yours, or your child's health by taking prescription drugs for ADD and ADHD?



The answer is yes! ADD is a very new 'disease' which also means new 'dangerous drugs' to push. Isn't it time to wake up and realize that lifestyle changes are imperative for overall health. If you feed your body crap, you will look and feel crap!


Why has it become almost hip to have ADD? Did you know that the American Heart Association (AHA) currently recommends cardiac testing prior to prescribing stimulant drugs for children. Is this not a red flag? All ADHD drugs carry warnings that they should not be used by patients with heart problems or pre-existing heart conditions (high blood pressure, heart failure, heart rhythm disturbances, or congenital heart disease). These drugs have been associated with sudden death in children with heart problems. They have also been associated with sudden death, stroke, and heart attack in adults with a history of heart disease. Scared yet? I am!


Schools in the US are getting $400 in grant money for each kid they “diagnose” with ADHD. Six to seven million kids are forced to take a prescription drug before they can go to school each morning. 'Hey but make sure you don't take them on an empty stomach. I'm thinking some fake orange juice, some white bread, and some fructose filled jam'


A study published in the Journal of Health Economics states that there are roughly 1 million US children that may be misdiagnosed with ADHD. There is still no scientific evidence to prove that a child, or adult for that matter, has a mental disorder. They label kids with ADHD simply based off of a list of common “misbehaviors”. I know I was personally a wild, active child in school and often a handful for teachers, but so were many of the other children in my school. It's called being a child! Starting a child on drugs that early in life, is only going to suppress their ability to develop naturally.

Some of these drugs being prescribed are causing lawsuits because of the dramatic increase in boys developing breasts. Don’t let the marketing push from pharmaceutical companies stand in your way of caring for your child the way you think you should. Drugs are just the easy way out. Until you can truly say that you have done everything in your power NATURALLY, you should seriously consider the big picture. Don't just search for answers on google, contact your nearest recommended naturopath and let them help you tackle this head on.


How about treating the cause as apposed to the symptoms. Whenever there is pain, disturbance, disease, structural distortions, they generally come from an imbalance in one or more physiological systems. ADD and ADHD is no different. There might be a neurotransmitter imbalance, a gut imbalance or just a simple nutritional imbalance. There is little doubt that there is a distinct neurological nerve pathway misfiring, but again this can be caused by many factors. A simple neurotransmitter test as well as a stress profile test (saliva) can be performed to establish where certain imbalances lie. The neurotransmitter test will give levels on dopamine vs serotonin, both of which are vital for feeling a sense calm and happiness. They can also both be balanced NATURALLY without the need for drugs with a long list of side effects.


ADHD is commonly caused by an inflammatory based diet and toxic food additives. These chemicals are neurotoxic. They also have a strong synergistic effect when combined with sugars such as fructose. A recent Lancet study concluded that food dyes along with the preservative sodium benzoate (found in many soft drinks and even fruit juices) cause children to become hyperactive. This study also found that food additives and dyes can do as much damage to children's brains as lead in gasoline.

Digestive problems can also dramatically affect brain function and development. Common factors with ADHD are a weak intestinal system, and food allergies. Often times a Candida infection is present and producing brain damaging toxic metabolites. Treat the gut and allow it to heal by avoiding allergens.


Sure genetics can come into play, but the fact that proteins are constantly feeding our DNA according to our lifestyles and stress levels, allows us not to be victims of our DNA. Even more reason to take charge and balance all systems.

Food allergens to
avoid include dairy, gluten and soy.



Below are some nutrients that can help you focus and feed your brain:


- Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for cell membranes. Remember that your brain is mostly made of fats. According to a 12-week double-blind study, children with ADHD were given either a placebo or a fatty-acid supplement and 42 mg of arachidonic acid. Compared with the placebo, the fatty-acid supplement produced significant improvements in both cognitive function and behavioral problems.


- Common nutrient deficiencies in kids with these symptoms include zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamins D and C.


- Ginkgo Biloba, which operates as a focus booster by improving oxygen flow to the brain. An imbalance in oxygen to both Right and Left hemisphere's is vital for overall focus and energy.


- Many parents have found that adding probiotics into their children’s diet has improved their behavior. Probiotics will assist with proper absorption of nutrients from food, healthy digestion and a balanced gut flora. For information on probiotics and which one's to look for, please see the link below, as this can be an overwhelming process.

Probiotics, and their relationship with Digestion, IBS and Constipation.


It is the responsibility of us all to spread the truth, and to educate about true wellness. If you feel like you have learned anything at all from this article, I urge you to please post it on your social media feeds, and e-mail it to friends and loved one's, so that you can be a part of the perception that true health starts with nature.

At the Alphabiotic Balance Center we deal with cause correction, and preventive wellness. Bruce Fulford D.A, CN, Ph.D, uses Alphabiotic alignments to keep the brain and body in balance, as well as clinical nutrition for dis-ease, hormone and pH balancing, weight challenges and most other health issues.

Please visit www.AlphabioticBalance.com to find out more. We have offices in Venice, CA and Hollywood, CA. Bruce also travels internationally with professional athletes and has a passion for injury prevention.

Thanks for reading :)

'Bruce at the Alphabiotic Balance Center has helped me immeasurably! I am a professional trainer as well as soccer player. When I started  with Bruce everything hurt! The life of a pro athlete had taken its toll. Chronic neck pain, athritis from injuries, and an acute case of plantar faschiitis all but vanished within a handful of visits. Bruce is professional, responsible, compassionate, and caring. Logo
Conventional medicine can never compare to the miraculous ability the human body has to heal itself. Bruce can help your body heal itself.


Thanks for sharing your gift Bruce!'


If you enjoyed this article please give us 5 stars and write a short review.

If you enjoyed this article please gives us 5 stars and write a short review. - See more at: http://alphabioticbalance.com/index.php/Blog/uncategorized/natural-ways-to-counter-add-and-adhd.html#sthash.kDSqmihA.dpuf
If you enjoyed this article please gives us 5 stars and write a short review. - See more at: http://alphabioticbalance.com/index.php/Blog/uncategorized/natural-ways-to-counter-add-and-adhd.html#sthash.kDSqmihA.dpuf

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