BruceThe Alphabiotic Balance Center is a thriving wellness practice, with two convenient locations in Venice and Hollywood, CA. Using a revolutionary and highly validated process called Alphabiotics, Bruce Fulford D.A, C.N, Ph.D releases stress in the nervous system,, allowing muscle tension to drop and strength to be regained in the body. The release of this ‘fight or flight’ stress pattern has a profound effect on your body, your mind and overall outlook on life.

In fact, scientific research has conclusively determined that stress is the leading cause of pain, disease and death in modern society. Alphabiotics addresses the direct cause of the twenty-first century epidemic of stress. Once stress is removed, communication comes back, and your body is placed into a state of homeostasis. This allows it to heal as it was intended to – naturally. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this can happen.

As a clinical nutritionist, Bruce Fulford will recommend dietary changes and supplements to accommodate healthy shifts in all systems of the body. While his methods may be naturopathic, he bases all recommendations on a deep scientific knowledge of the body. The synergy between Alphabiotic alignments, clinical nutrition and bio identical hormones will get your body aligned, balanced and optimally fueled so you will have the energy and focus of your youth again! – Click below to start your journey!